Covent Garden Restaurant

Welcome to the Bunga Bunga experience. Arguably, the most captivating Covent Garden Restaurant around, Bunga Bunga is an immersive dining experience which will transport you to a secret world. Dine on delicious Italian cuisine, metre-long pizzas and enjoy weird and wonderful cocktails, while simultaneously relishing in a variety of live entertainment.

The Food

At Bunga Bunga, we spend months perfecting our recipes to ensure our customers receive only the best high-quality Italian cuisine in our Covent Garden restaurant. Our resident chef, who originates from Italy himself, possesses a flair and passion for the culinary arts that one can see directly reflected in the food he creates. Spending hours experimenting with interesting combinations and blending exciting flavours, has resulted in a menu that is both contemporary yet utterly authentic. Sourcing our non-perishables directly from Italy means that even the most acute Italian taste buds cannot tell the difference between Bunga Bunga and a back-street Italian Trattoria.

Bunga Bunga Covent Garden

Of course, with Bunga Bunga, the food is not the only reason you come here. Even Bigger, Bolder & Bunga-ier than its Battersea counterpart, the quirky Covent Garden restaurant offers an entirely immersive dining experience, along with a six course Italian menu and some of the most unique and interesting cocktails our award-winning mixologists have to offer.

So, ever wondered where you can go for an evening of Burlesque, Broadway, Karaoke & a live variety show? Well, Bunga Bunga is the place to go. It’s truly one of a kind. On Wednesday our Covent Garden restaurant offers a live Burlesque show, alongside two incredible menu options.

On Thursday, allow yourself to fully submerge yourself into the West End culture, as you become part of Bunga’s immersive Broadway show. For those of you looking to join us on the weekend, our Covent Garden restaurant hosts an incredible variety show. From roman-clad acrobats to juggling waiters, Bunga Bunga has it all.